If you want to buy toys wholesale from China,but do not know how to do it.

the easy way is to ask for a Toys Sourcing Agent.

it can save your time,save your money and reduce your risk in goods purchasing.


#1 Why you need a Toys Sourcing Agent?

Toys Sourcing Agent will provide one-stop service including:

A. Toys Sourcing

B. Follow Toys order

C. Toys goods Collect & QC

D. Arrange shipping Toys Goods

Toys Sourcing agent should be located in the same country of Toys manufacturer/market, so they can know the manufacturer and factory very well. then to get the match toys info for customer. their help to place order, follow order, collect goods and do QC job, and arrange shipping can save your time on Sourcing & Purchasing.(because what you need to focus on is Marketing. )

toys sourcing market


#2 What is a good Toys Sourcing Agent?

A. Honest

B. Profession  (toys market info,toys factory info,toys solution)

C. Good service

to factory: control quality

to customer: good English communication

D. Fast (quotation & reply)

A good toys sourcing agent it is like your business partner, they more care about the toys quality and your business situation. Good Toys Sourcing agent help to get better quotation, to get best solution for your order, even some problem happen they help to issue some document to reduce the loss.

China Toys Sourcing


#3 How is the process of Toys Sourcing Agent work?

A. Sourcing

B. Quotation

C. Place order

D. Collect order and QC

E. Arrange shipment and load container

toys sourcing shipment


#4 More Service

A. Safety  (china side)

B. Reliable (customer reference)

C. Solution (customer special requirement)

A good toys sourcing agent can not just good at Toys Sourcing & Purchasing.

“Good” mean they can control all order process safety, business reliable to customer, can fix any problem if customer have special requirement for it.

toys sourcing


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