Today we talk about the shipping, after order from China factory.

and they deliver the goods to the warehouse,


how to arrange to ship from China to your warehouse?

3 step

#1 China custom export

#2 the sea freight from China sea port to Your country sea port

#3 Your country custom import


#1 China custom export

When the goods have collected in China warehouse and ready to ship out, we have to ask the local forwarder

to book container, and then pick up the empty container from the China seaport. After loading the container, then drive it back to the seaport to wait for loading to the big boat.

Before this container leaves China, the local forwarder needs to do custom declaration for this container in China custom (to tell China Custom what is inside the container ).

This whole process will make some fee like driver truck fee, loading container fee, paperwork fee.

We called “inland charge & custom declaration fee”.

For one 20ft(28cbm) container,

the inland charge & custom declaration fee = 750USD

For one 40ft(58cbm) or one 40HQ(68cbm) Container,

the inland charge & custom declaration fee = 950USD



#2 the sea freight From China seaport to Your country seaport

If you order from Shantou, then the China seaport is SHENZHEN (export port)

If you order from Yiwu, then the China seaport is NINGBO port

So Which is your country seaport?

This time you need to find a shipping broker to help you.

They will check which seaport is near your address and available for import.

You can search on google to find out the best shipping broker to help you.

And then this shipping broker will quote you the sea freight price from China seaport to your country seaport.


#3 your country custom import

When the container arrived at your seaport,

The shipping broker will do the customs clearance for your container with some document, like Bill of loading, commercial invoice, packing list (those document provided by China side.)

then shipping broker will tell you how much import fee you need to pay like import tax…

after that, they will arrange to transport the container to your address.

Then, the shipping complete!


All process you just find a shipping broker to do

#2 the sea freight From China seaport to Your country seaport

#3 Your country custom import

For the #1 China custom export,

all company in China have corporate

the local forwarder can do it.



Now I will make an example,

One buyer from Australia He decides to order one 20ft container

after he checks with his shipping broker, his near seaport is Sydney.

Then his shipping fee is

#1 china custom export = 750USD

#2 China sea port freight to Your country sea port =700USD (check at 2018.Nov)

#3 the country custom import = 1000USD (after send the order list to shipping broker to confirm)

Total is 750+700+1000= 2,450USD

if you have any more question,

please leave the message below and we will reply.