(1) Where to find the best wholesale toys manufacturers in China

  • Trade fairs of the toys industry in China or worldwide countries
  • Online B2B marketplace in China
  • Sourcing companies, agents or buying offices in China
  • Linkedin
  • Search on Google


(1.1) Find Chinese wholesale toy manufactures from toys exhibitions in China

To attend different trade fairs in China or worldwide countries is a MUST do task for many professional toys buyers. You are easy to approach many toys factories in the exhibitions. 


Some famous exhibitions of the toy industry in China are Guangzhou Int’l Toy & Hobby Fair, Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, China toys expo, Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys & Gifts Fair, etc.


Toys exhibition in China 2019-2020

Toys ExhibitionLocationTime
Guangzhou Int’l Toy & Hobby FairGuangzhou, ChinaMarch 6-8, 2020
Hong Kong Toys & Games FairHongkong, ChinaJan 7-10, 2020
China toys expoShangHai, ChinaOct 16-18, 2019
China Chenghai (Shantou) International Toys & Gifts FairShantou, ChinaApr 12-15, 2019


Tips for attending exhibitions:

You can contact some of your target Chinese toys manufacturers before visiting a show. Try to arrange a meeting time with them in advance. in this case, the toys manufacturer will leave more time to discuss with you.


(1.2) Try Online B2B Marketplace in China

Despite attending toys exhibitions, you can also find toys manufacturers from Chinese online platforms. The Chinese toys manufacturers most frequently use the following Chinese B2B marketplace:

china-b2b for toys


You can search on these B2B platforms and contact some toys manufacturers for details, following is an email script I use to contract manufacturers in China:

Hi, [name of toys manufactures]

I am [your name] from [your company name] company. 

I am interested in [product name or item No. of the toy manufacturers]. May I ask some questions first: 

  1. What is the minimum order quantity? 
  2. What is the price of [product name of the toy manufacturers] based on minimum order quantity? What’s the price if I increase the amount?
  3. Can you let me know the lead time based on the minimum quantity? 
  4. Can you do OEM or ODM?

I need a sample first to verify your product quality. Can you indicate the sample cost, including shipping to:

[Your address]


Thank you, 

[Your name]


Tips: Do remember not to write too short or too long emails for the first time. There are many crammers sending emails to different suppliers on the B2B marketplace every day. So many suppliers ignore those emails that look like spam.  

If you want to get an answer from the manufacturers, write a concise and well-organized email is a must.



(1.3) Try sourcing companies to help you find the wholesale toys manufacturers in China

If you are not experienced enough with the toys supplying management, you can cooperate with some sourcing companies or buying offices in China to help you find the professional toys manufacturers.


Generally, sourcing companies or buying offices are very professional in identifying qualified manufacturers. Relying on them can save you a lot of time during sourcing, and most of the time they can help you get a better price.


Some sourcing companies in China you can start with:

  • TonySourcing.com – recommended for retailer, wholesalers, both small & large businesses
  • Supplyia.com – recommended for medium & small business, Amazon sellers
  • 86.toys Sourcing – recommended for medium & large businesses
  • JingSourcing.com – recommended for Amazon seller 


(1.4) Use Linkedin as one of your sourcing methods


There are many Chinese wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers are publishing their company file or personal introduction on LinkedIn. You can approach some proper Chinese toy manufactures on LinkedIn as well.

Linkedin Toys suppliers


(2) Things You Should Know When Finding Wholesale Toys Manufacturers in China

  • Identify the wholesaler, sourcing companies, and toys manufacturers
  • Find Chinese wholesale toys manufacturers according to your business capacity
  • Choose the wholesale toys manufacturers who can provide test reports
  • Choose the toys manufacturers who have a formal manufacturing system
  • Divide toys manufacturers into apparel manufacturers and fabrics suppliers


(2.1) Identify the wholesale suppliers

To identify the different suppliers on the B2B marketplace is your first job, are they traders, wholesalers or directly toys manufacturers?

You can have a brief understanding of a supplier by reviewing their company page on Alibaba or Global source. Generally, you can understand their business role by checking their business license.


According to this business license, you can notice that it’s a textile fabric manufacturer which is focusing on exporting.


If you can’t find notification of “production,” “manufacturing” or a specific production procedure in the suppliers business scope, in most cases, they are traders. Such vendors are also listing a diverse choice of products categories in the business scope.


(2.2) Find Chinese wholesale toys manufacturers according to your business capacity

Don’t look for the big toys manufacturers only. Big toys manufacturers in China are recommended for big companies because they require a significant minimum order quantity, and they are quite busy dealing with big customers who will leave less energy focusing on supporting small businesses.


Small businesses are recommended to find small or medium-sized toy manufacturers with qualified goods provided. You will get a low minimum order quantity requirement from those vendors.


What’s more, compared to big toys manufacturers, the small or medium sized toys manufacturers will put more attention to supporting and serving small businesses. In this case, small businesses will get better service from those vendors.


(2.3) Choose the wholesale toys manufacturers who can provide test reports

There are many certificates or test reports required when exporting toys to USA, EU, Australia and some other countries.

The prior choice is to choose the toys manufacturers who can provide you the complete certificates or testing reports, such as SGS test reports, SST test report, etc.

toys test report


(2.4) Choose the toys manufacturers who have formal manufacturing system

Many professional manufacturers are equipped with excellent manufacturing system, such as ISO 9001:2008. Generally, the quality standard from manufacturers of ISO 9001:2008 will be better than those who don’t have the certification.


Besides, the toys manufacturers who can provide BSCI and Sedex certification are the ones you need to put in your priority suppliers list.


(3) 4 Frequently Asked Questions in The Wholesale Toys Industry

(3.1)How to start my toy business?

This is a good question for a new toys business starter.

Before you come to china to select the toys and order it,

Better you do some homework first.

Or you will be like one of my India customer, he is happy to fly to China, but after check million of toys design here, he get confused and do not have idea what he want.


Below it is 3 tip for your homework

First one, the toys category

Second one, Check your selling market

Third one, setting your profit

(detail please check here)


(3.2)How to check toy quotation list?

toys quotation

#1 Unit Price

#2 QTY/Carton

#3 MOQ Carton.

#4 Carton Measure

#5 G.W & N.W

(detail please check here)


(3.3)What can be found in the China toys wholesale market?


In fact, 90% of toys selling in your country now it is made in China, come from China.

You can easily find that toys in China market.

Even, as per our visitor feedback, they found in China market, 60% of toys they never see it before,

It don’t mean this 60% all is NEW item,

possible no importer buy those item to sale in your country

possible those toys item do not match your country market to sale….

(detail please check here)


(3.4)How to arrange to ship a container from China to your warehouse?

ship to amazon

3 step

#1 China custom export

#2 the sea freight from China sea port to Your country sea port

#3 Your country custom import

(detail please check here)


we’ve talked a lot on the toys manufacturers in China, start your business today in the toy industry, you will enjoy the great fun and leave me a comment if you have more questions on finding the Chinese toys manufacturers.