Even you have a BIG quantity order but still can not get the cheapest price from China factory/manufacturer…


Everyone hopes they can get the best quotation from REAL CHINA FACTORY(not a trading company or middleman).

To Get Good quality items and cheap price. but after searching suppliers in Alibaba.com, or spending a long trip to attend China expo like carton fair, You got a lot of quotation from hundreds of suppliers, the results still cannot make you happy because you feel—WHY STILL SO EXPENSIVE?! (even the order quantity it is huge!)


Below I summarize 8 reasons why you can not find a REAL factory in China:


#A you can not find the real manufacturer at all

#1 real manufacturer does not have a website or Alibaba account.

build/keep update their own website/Alibaba account need lots of experience and time.

most manufacturers prefer to force on their production line instead of marketing.so you can not find them on the Internet at all.





#2 No English Speaking

some manufacturer boss it is in 30-50 years old, in their generation, English language education it is quite not general. this reason hinders they communicate with English Speaker client.

The way they get Order normally it is from Trading Company or Market Wholesaler.



#3 shortage of talent resources

it is no easy for a normal factory to employ good marketing staff to make you find their factory. ( the average Marketing management level In China this time it is still lower than occident country.)

China toys factory 2


#4 Where it is the factory location in China?

Normally each city has its main Industrial production.

for example, badminton item all come from one city called Fuyang,These it is more than 300+ real factory(big and small) in this small city, to find the right factory the “easiest” way to walk through this industrial area to visit one by one, knock at their gate and check again and again.

but this is no an easy way for you to spend 1 week time to do this job.

toys factory area



#5 People Recommend People it is easier to find the final China Factory. 


What you can do when you plan to search the real manufacturer?

I think 95% of people can only use Alibaba.com, search the keywords in google, attend an exhibition fair, or visit China wholesale market like the Yiwu market.

But, the answer is still no good enough, still, do not find the right China factory.

In China, this big population country, the most reliable way it is people recommend people, just if you can find the right people, he can give you a direct way to find the right manufacturer.

sticky toys factory

#B you spent all your might and find the right manufacturer finally, but still feel no happy with their quotation.


#6 culture difference leads to difficulties in communication.

chinese Thinking VS Europe Thinking

sometimes you ask the factory “why the price so high than before?”

Their answer possible will be “because the factory is too busy this time”. When you get this answer you will say “What!?” and do not understand at all.

Actually, what the factory what to express it is, the factory is too busy this time, so if arrange your order need to hire more Temporary worker, and the temporary worker normally cost more labor fee, the cost rise so the final price up. but the factory does not know maybe can change some way to make a product(like change the product mold ) or told you what other time for them can give the cheaper price.


#7 you are the new customer for the factory.

China factory will more trust Chinese buyer, it is like your country people will feel safer to do business with your nation people. With on sure with your situation for the payment, quality requirement….the factory prefers to deal with Chinese companies.so they quota to you will be higher to reduce some risk somehow.

toys fair


#8 Maybe you are very goods at the product marketing and sale, but you must do not have so much idea how the product manufacturing operation.


It will make it hard to negotiate with the factory which process it is not at a reasonable price.

For example, for below “STARWAR” building block/LEGO,

starwar building block LEGO

All the suppliers give 0.2-0.25USD/each

If I told one buyer get 0.13USD/each, do you believe it?

China Professional Toys Sourcing Company Tonysourcing.com team can do it because they are quite professional in toys for more than 5 years.


below it is the tips that may be helpful for those who want to find the factory by themselves.

it really costs time and energy to do some research on the city info, production process detail, industrial info if you have no idea of it before.

Finding Factory is a challenge for a nation Chinese sometime.

if you insist to do it, better consult for some nation Chinese who have experience with it, this will save you lots of time.