Lesson 2: What can be found in China Toys Wholesale Market?

What can be found in China Toys Wholesale Market?

Can I find the toys I want?

In fact, 90% of toys selling in your country now it is made in China, come from China.

You can easily find that toys in China market.

Even, as per our visitor feedback, they found in China market, 60% of toys they never see it before,

It don’t mean this 60% all is NEW item,

possible no importer buy those item to sale in your country

possible those toys item do not match your country market to sale….


Some new buyer afraid pay a visit to China toys market and found nothing then waste time and money,

That is easy,

Our company have run the market and make a 300 items list with photo, price, and packing detail.

If you need, please contact us to get this list for reference.

Of course, this 300 items list include a very small part of toys market info.

Because here have more than 100,000,000 difference toys.

But though this list you can have idea, what kind of toys is here.

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