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BEST Toys Sourcing Service.

Want to purchase toys wholesale from China, please fill up below form and we will get back to you within 8 hours.


How we arrange your toys sourcing?

we located in Yiwu China & Shantou China, Which are 2 main Toys wholesale industry cities In China. After you’ve submitted your inquiry, we will search with 2000 toys supplier + 4000 toys factory to check the best price for you.
Further, we will check the global China toy market alibaba and (if your item does not found in Yiwu or Shantou.)

Shantou toys agent
Yiwu toys agent

How to arrange Shipping From China?

Normally ship by Sea,

3 step

  • #1 China custom export
  • #2 the sea freight from China seaport to Your country seaport
  • #3 Your country custom import


In more detail please check the below video.

How to import a lot of different toys?

if you are a new toy starter or a retail store, need to order over 100 kinds of toys, then we recommend you to visit China toys wholesale market/toys showroom.

here you can easily check the sample and order directly.

TonySourcing provide:

  • Guide Service
  • Buying Service
  • Shipment Service

in this way you can save a 30-60% cost than you buy in any other online trader.

(Click how to check how is the buying process.)

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