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At Tony Sourcing, we speak the language of toy buying and remove barriers for overseas buyers. We’re experts at managing the process of buying toys imported from China. Working with us can eliminate many of the concerns you may have about purchasing from Chinese manufacturers. Leading you to premium products at the best prices and paving the way for worry-free transactions are top priorities for us.



Grow Your Business With Us

If you’ve struggled to find the right way to buy toys wholesale from a China toy supplier, we’ve got good news for you. Our team works directly with thousands of China toy factory locations to build trusted relationships with clients like you. Turning to us for assistance puts you in reach of more than 100 million toy samples. We can connect you with the top manufacturers producing toys that are in demand today.


Matching you with reliable resources is our job. It’s possible to build your own toy brand, add new, well-made toys to an established business catalog, or start a new toy business. Whether you have many suppliers you work with or just a few, our services can be invaluable. Chinese manufacturers are adding new toy designs every week.


Toy Options

Grow your revenue by adding toys from these categories to your inventory:


Easy Toy Services

Working with a China toy manufacturer is simple when you’ve got a qualified agent from our company guiding you. Our top focus is ensuring you get an accurate translation of your business conversations. We help businesses navigate China’s manufacturing, shipping, and payment processes. You pay us a basic commission based on several factors, including purchase value, number of suppliers, and requested custom workload.


Our toy sourcing service agents can also assist you with:


  • Requesting samples
  • Recording and confirming orders
  • Arranging quality control
  • Making down payments
  • Managing container loading and shipping
  • Handling customs declarations and documentation


Sign Up for Our Market Business Trip!

A hands-on experience is the best way to learn and trust the China toy buying experience. We offer you, the buyer, the perfect opportunity to gain more knowledge about the industry, the products available, and the leading manufacturers. During your visit, you’ll receive exclusive market guidance, price lists, and an inside look at the toy making process.


Find the newest, most innovative toys from China with a market business trip from Tony Sourcing. Let us know if you’re interested in our offer or if you want more information about working with us.