After approve to enter the Shantou toys exhibition hall/showing room,

one service staff will follow you,with a cart(for putting sample inside).

this service staff will help you from your enter until you leave this market.

shantou CBH staffshantou market visiting


if you find the toys you are interested,you can ask the service staff to scan the barcode on the item to get goods info(Price,packing detail…)
all the item they scan it is recorded into your visiting account.
(you can contact our company to get the Price list in Excel)

shantou toys quota

shantou toys quotation


you can also put those sample into the cart,and then all those sample will move to your meeting room later.
about meeting room,it is only for you,inside have meeting table for you to discuss business,sofa for you to have a rest,

FREE tea/coffee/fruit serve
for our TonySourcing can pause visiting exhibition ANY time and told the staff to take you to meeting room for resting.

shantou sample roomshantou toys meetting room


After browsing the whole exhibition and move the sample into the meeting room,
next step is we contact with factory to talk order detail like order MOQ,delivery time,get sample process.
if your order quantity is big,we will call factory sale to come to this meeting room to discuss or we go to their factory to visit.

shantou CBH visitor


For visit Shantou/Chenghai toys exhibition hall,

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