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Please note, we are no trading company, Trading company add more profit and then sale to you.


But ,We will give you the factory price, and then we charge small personage commission as our service fee.


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Tony Youtube


Today we talk about China toys.


In China, Have total over 10 thousands Toys factory


They are local different place like


Plastic Toys factory local in Shantou City


Plush Toys factory local in Yangzhou City


Wooden toys factory local in Yunhe city


Sticky toys factory local in Yiwu City




So , is it need to visit all factory one by one then order to them?


Of course not, if that happen, will be a very huge work and make no sense.


Only if you have big quantity order then visit factory is more workable.


What can be said big quantity order? For example,


This item, one container = 127carton = 4581 pcs,


But, if I just want to buy 5 Catron (100pcs), how should I buy?




Then you need the Toys Wholesale market.


All factory have their “showroom” in the toys wholesale market, buyercan check the toys sample quality and price over there, and then do a smallquantity buying like 3-5 Carton.




So, our job is to guide buyer to get quota from toys wholesale market and then order directly.




Any help, please let me know.