How to visit Shantou toys market?

what need to do before visiting Shan Toys Market?

Shantou Toys Market it is NOT open to everyone, in order to protect factory sample copyright and protect buyer business (aviod very small buyer buy from here and destroy buyer’s local market)

Visit Shantou Toys Market ( On Top exhibition hall , CBH exhibition hall, HK exhibition hall, Hoton Toys Showroom…), they will ask authentication to approve.

if you just go alone without authentication, they will not let you enter.

Shantou exhibition hall register (Zongge Company ) are the official company who can help and guide buyer enter those exhibiton hall.

How to get visiting authentication?

If you plan to visit Shantou Toys Market,
Please send your visit information in advance to our Email( to do the booking and get authentication.

Visit Information need:

#1 Visitor Name
#2 Country
#3 No.of Visitor
#4 Visit date
#5 business background

After pass authentication, We will issue an authentication visit paper for you to enter those toys market.

Any thing urgency,you can call my Phone for any help in Shantou.
Contact:Tony Chen
Phone:+86 152-6860-9198

For visit Shantou/Chenghai toys exhibition hall,

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