Here I introduce a easy way to ship Toys ( Cargo ) From China to Russia.

A Faster & Cheaper way to ship the goods , it is BY TRUCK.

china to Moscow Truckmmexport1523455121368


This shipping start from Yiwu City, China ,go though Kazakhstan and then enter Russia to arrive Moscow, Below it is the detail shipping line picture.

shipping china to Russia


collect the goods in Yiwu China, after tape it to protect the packing, goods start to load on the truck.

Below show the video how they load the goods.



After 18-25 days, the track will arrive Moscow ,

There is 3 place to download the goods:

  • содаво рынок
  • Люблино
  • Южные ворота

china to Moscow shipping add


Before 1 day the goods arrive Moscow , the Moscow office will call receiver to get ready to receive the goods.

moscow shipping from china


Moscow Cargo


How is the shipping time?

Normally it need 18 – 25 days From Yiwu to Moscow.(it is possible delay to 30days if the weather it is not good in transit)


How it is the Price?

It is quite cheaper !

As per difference product, They Charge 1.7 – 1.9USD / Kg or 175-200 USD /CBM.

More Important, this Price it is including Tax ! ( it mean you do not need to pay Tax anymore when the goods arrive Moscow. )




If you have quite a lot of goods (like whole container )to ship to any city of Russia.

This shipping track can directly ship to your warehouse.



Want to ship goods From China to Moscow?

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