This is a good question for a new toys business starter.

Before you come to china to select the toys and order it,

Better you do some homework first.

Or you will be like one of my india customer, he is happy to fly to China, but after check million of toys design here, he get confused and do not have idea what he want.


Below it is 3 tip for your homework

First one, the toys category

What kind of toys category your future business will frocus on?

RC car? Girl toys? Boardgame? Dinosaur ?

Have a clear idea of it will make your buying more easily and selling more quickly.

Second one, Check your selling market

If possible, do a simple market research for the toys category you choose. This we called checking market volume.

To know, what kind of toys can be good sale?

What kind of toys still have a lot of stock in other seller warehouse? It means that cannot sale out

What kind of package final buyer like it?

What kind of design it is more popular?


Third one, setting your profit

When you visit china, you can get the cost of toys,

one question will come,

How much you can sale it and how is your profit?

You need to have advantage on selling price than your Competitors!

If you have known the cost and working selling price at the same time, then you can easier calculate which item can be better sold by you.


In this way you can become more professional business man.

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