This year 2018,the flow rings ( flow toy ) will become the most popular item in global retail market.

This Item come out from Sep.2017.

the 1st generation of flow rings just primary color.

and then, at Jan. 2018,some factory develop the 2nd generation flow rings, it have multicolor.

March.2018, We find out 3rd generation !! it have solid and bright color!

we can imagine, 4th,5th,6th generation…. will update soon, and it is possible go with “glow in the dark” “more play way”….

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primary Flow Rings



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Flow Rings Colors


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flow toys packageflow rings package

P1                                                                                      P2


flow ring boxmagic ring box

P3                                                                                 P4


flow rings bagcustom flow rings package

P5                                                                                       P6


magic rings with logo package



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