Shantou Toys — Why Shantou Chenghai is the Toys Capital City in China?

There is a rumor in China-"Most of the world's toys come from China, most of the Chinese toys come from Guangdong, and most of Guangdong toys come from [...]

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Case Study: How He Save 64% Cost to Buy Premium Toys Wholesale From China

On June 10th 2019, German toy wholesaler MACH visited China’s Toy Market to import toy items, and with TonySourcing company help, ultimately, he saved 64% on the cost of his [...]

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Why China Shantou Toys is Global Buyer Best Option? | the Wall Street Journal Interview

Nov.2019, TonySourcing team was interview about China Shantou toys by the Wall Street Journal Interview. Here is the link:   The topic is How TonySourcing help buyer [...]

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8 Reason, Why You Can Not Find Cheapest Price Manufacturer( China Factory)?

Even you have a BIG quantity order but still can not get the cheapest price from China factory/manufacturer...   Everyone hopes they can get the best quotation from [...]

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